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7Artisans M28mm/F1.4

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7Artisans fisheye lens

7Artisans 7.5mm/f2.8 Mark ii Fisheye-lens

The 190° angle of view allows you to enjoy the super wide field of view even under the APS-C system. A new generation of shell oxidation process, lotus-shaped hood and electroplated tungsten steel bayonetare are applied to this lens. With 2 ED (ultra-low dispersion) lenses and 2 HOYA lenses, the lens body is only 58mm high and weighs 265g. Compared with the 12mm focal length, it take less pictures for this lens when making panoramic VR videos.

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7Artisans 35mm/f0.95

7Artisans 35mm F0.95 Bokeh Monster

Large aperture, the bokeh monster.
The aperture of 0.95 makes the light extremely bright and great bokeh.
With 2 pieces of ultra-low dispersion glass.
Compatible with E/FX/EOS-M/Z/M43
mount cameras. Light you in the darkness, make your portrait photos even better.

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7Artisans 60mm/f2.8 Macro lens

The lens is an APS-C macro lens featuring 1 ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens and 2 HOYA glass of a 11 elements in 8 groups optical design. It has a compact size of about 80mm and a light weight of about 342g. Under the 1:1 magnification, more details can be captured with the minimum focusing distance of only 0.175m. Due to the equivalent focal length of about 90mm and the high-quality marco performance, this lens can also obtain very good results when used in portrait photography.

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